Most beautiful place on my trip to Europe?

“Most beautiful place that I saw?” or “Which was the best place that I went to on my trip?” are variations of the most common question that I receive from people. And the answer is easy:


Norway is amazing. Period.

I think I even have a new all time favorite country, displacing the undefeated champion since the past 4 years: Canada. But since Canada is my first love, I can call it a tie :)

This is what my hike that I did on the first day in Norway, in the city Tromso, looked like:


I went in with zero expectations. What makes this really special is that the time in these pictures is around midnight! The clear ones are at around 10 pm. The ones with the least sun are at around 1 am.

I was blown away by how beautiful this was. I had no words to describe this. It was by far the most beautiful thing that I had seen ever.

When I started the hike at around 9:30 pm, the sky was clear and gradually by 11 pm when I made it to the top, the clouds moved in perfectly over the city. When on the edge of the place, lying down, it almost felt like the clouds are the sea, with mountains and sunlight above them.

I was thinking, “why don’t I just stay here forever?” The hut had a restaurant and washroom, and I had my tent up there to sleep for the night. If this is what Norway was going to offer me, I was in for a treat! I was super glad that I kept 11-12 days for Norway.

I later found out this phenomenon of the clouds moving in at the perfect time at around midnight, happens only 7-8 times a year. I was very lucky to see this. This video is a time lapse of the entire thing, which might be from the same day that I was up there:


Sadly the weather wasn’t like this the entire time I was there. It rained continuously for the next 2-3 days. Didn’t deter us from hiking another spot:

I was with my Couchsurfing host and other guests at his place. A steep one, which was also quite slippery due to the rain.

After Tromso, I went to Lofoten, the starting of which I’ve written in the post titled Nomad in Norway.

During the last two days in Lofoten, I went to a beach called Haukland Beach. It was my 3rd option in things to do that day, which I was cycling through in the morning. When the first two didn’t work out, I decided to pick a place at random and go there and camp for a day, before coming back.

I’m glad that I did this one, because this one even beat the first place in terms of views!

Here you go:


I reached the place at around 4 pm and hung out by the beach, with a group of people who had given me a ride for the last 8 kms, after getting down from the bus. I didn’t know whether any of the surrounding mountains were hikeable and neither did they. When they left at around 8, I pitched my tent, and did a hike on the shorter mountain in front of the beach. I came down and saw people going to some other spot and followed them.

This was a longer and much steeper hike. I started at 9:30 pm and made it up at by 11. The scene was surreal.

On one side you can see the pristine blue waters, the sandy beach with my tent next to it, and amazing Norwegian fjords. On the other side you could see the sun shining nice and bright above the horizon. All of this at around 11:30 pm. A little while later, when the sun was just above the horizon, you could see the full moon on the other side!

Basically, Pristine blue beach + Norwegian fjords + Amazing hike + Midnight sun + Full moon + Camping. Everything that you see at separate times, or in groups of 2 were all present at the same moment of time.

I think it’s impossible to beat this. I spent the night next to the beach and went back next day.

My couchsurfing host on the last day, had a place next to a fjords with views of normal mountains, snow mountains and a waterfall. There was also a hike 5 minutes walk away from her place.

Norway is unreal. Norway is spectacular. Norway is utopia.

6 thoughts on “Most beautiful place on my trip to Europe?

  1. Your experience in Norway sounds absolutely incredible! And your photos are stunning. I’ve been living as an expat in Europe for over a year, so I have to redo my driver’s license, but as soon as I do, I’m committed to planning a Norway road trip. I will definitely try to visit these destinations!

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