What my dream living place looks like

If I made a list of what my ideal place to live would be like, my utopia, it would look like this:

1) Mountains and hiking opportunities close by. 

2) Fresh water lake or river to swim in. 

3) Not many people, which in turn translates to less pollution. 

4) Good food and it doesn’t hurt the pocket to eat at a restaurant few times a week. 

5) Friendly people. 

6) Good weather throughout the year. Preferrably not the kind where the winters are cold and sad, or the summers are too hot. Rainfall is okay, if it’s not cold when it rains. 

7) Access to music concerts \m/

Do you know any place that fulfills all of these? I know some places that fulfill some of these criteria, but none that fulfill all. 

If any of you have pointers about places that are close to this utopia, please let me know. 


2 thoughts on “What my dream living place looks like

  1. Australia might satisfy most of your requirements. In addition to lakes /rivers (2), there are so many awesome beaches and lagoons. Weather (6) might be an issue due to hotter summers – I have only been there for 3 weeks, so don’t know how it’s like throughout the year. You can get all the cuisines in the world here without hurting your pocket – but the general cost of living as a tourist/backpacker could be higher because it’s so vast and transportation costs can add up. Some of the best natural places are closer to bigger cities and even NewZealand is a budget flight away. For medium to long term stay, you should be able to research and choose a state (Victoria/NSW/Queensland) which satisfies atleast 6 out of 7 requirements.


    1. Thanks for this Sathish. I have no idea about what Australia is like and this helps in forming some views. I feel western part of Canada satisfies 5-6 of these, Norway is great but probably might lack cuisines and has harsh winters. The scenery and access to concerts is amazing though. Asian countries have terrible pollution problems.


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