Laos motorbike diaries – Days 2-6 (Don Det to Thakhek)

Ive been on the motorbike for the last 5 days. Finally have a day off because of the rain and time for some updates. 

Day 2 – Don Det to border to Pakse (190 kms)

Day 3 – Pakse to Tad Lo on the Pakse loop (90 kms)

Day 4 – Tad Lo to Pakse completing the Pakse loop (130 kms)

Day 5 – Pakse to Savannakhet (250 kms)

Day 6 – Savannakhet to Thakhek (130 kms)

On the day that I left 4000 islands, finally after staying five nights, I thought it would be worth a shot to fix a problem that we had. The border was only 20kms back. So I rode to the border to try and ask the officials to get ride of the temporary import papers of the motorbike. 

I spent half an hour trying to explain why I can’t really take the bike out of the country. I tried telling them that I fly out of Vientiane on the 1st of April and that a friend would take bike to Vietnam. He asked me “You go Cambodia?” And I kept saying  “No go Cambodia. Go Pakse”. 

I went to the immigration office to try and explain this and after explaining they just asked me to tell my problem to customs. 

In the meantime this guy stamped my form. And when I explained more he wrote something in Lao below the stamp. Finally he gives me the form and I walk away. When I was walking away I thought I really need to find out what he wrote in Lao below the departure stamp. It would suck to go away and then find out that the writing can mess with exit. 

I didn’t want to go back to the office so I chose the restaurant in front instead. When I was walking the guy shouts out my name and calls me back. I go back. He takes my form and asks me to sit. While I sit he draws up a new form and takes the old form back. Shit! Now he is just handing me a new form over with a date 5 days ahead (I entered 5 days ago). I tried explaining again that I don’t need document and the document is a problem. With the story that I have to fly out for the 10th time. He wouldn’t stamp me out. I said friend would take bike to Vietnam and he asked which border, but I didn’t know. He changed some border information on my form. I said don’t need form and I can pay now. He refused to take money though and feeling defeated I drove to Pakse. 

Damn, I had it in my hands! I got a free 5 day extension though. 

In Pakse I did the motorbike loop which is supposed to have waterfalls on the way. This was beautiful with some great hiking, swimming and good waterfalls!

Look at this melting rainbow for instance:

Savannakhet felt like a sleepy lazy town. The population is just 120,000 even though it’s the second largest city in Laos. How amazing is that! This bridge connects Laos and Thailand, in Savannakhet:

There’s not much to do in Thakhek and good vegetarian food is hard to find. I almost puked out my salad at the place I’m staying at. Had street side snacks for lunch and 2 of these burgers for dinner:

I’m actually feeling a bit sad that Phoebe and I would have to part ways soon. Maybe in a week or so if I get a buyer for her. It’s been really convenient to have a motorbike and roam around. Hoping she doesn’t break down in the next week! 

Going to do Thakhek motorcycle loop starting tomorrow. I’ve heard it’s a good one. Takes 3-4 days. 

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