Laos motorbike diaries – Day 7 (Thakhek to Nakay)

Distance: 110 kms. 

Started the motorcycle loop called ThakhekLoop which should keep me busy for the next 2-3 days. It was a beautiful day along with a fair share of mishaps. 

The first place I went to was a really unimpressive and probably the least impressive cave I’ve ever seen in my life, called Xang Cave. It was just one section really and there was a 5000 kip entrance. Such a rip off. 

The next place was another cave called Buddha cave. I didn’t really see the main cave and went off a different path and saw a nice little lake and cool caves. 3000 kip which was just for the parking and these side caves were free. 

The cave had water inside and I was trying to get in, walking around the side. There was this spot where was leg had to go around. My hands slipped and splash! My left leg went into the water up until the knee! #thehikerinwetshoes

I even managed to get the front end of the other shoe wet on the way out. 

The ride was extremely beautiful. Took time photographing with Phoebe. 

I accidentally went ahead from the next stop which was supposed to be a lake. Had to turn around and come back a few kms. 

The next stop then became another cave. This was a free one. I took this pic at the bottom of the cave. 

While getting out of this one there were multiple rocks that fell down from the ceiling! Scared as hell, I got my ass out of there as soon as I could. 

Went on to the lake. The way to the lake was really muddy due to the rain yesterday. This one section where you couldn’t cross without getting in the mud, I chose to ride in the middle hoping it won’t skid as much as the sides. I was so wrong! I got stuck in the middle with the bike skidding in the mud and water going over the exhaust pipe! Both my legs were in mud midway between foot and the knee. Took a good minute to get my self out of there. #thehikerinmuddywetshoes

The way back was through the same muddy water. This time I tried to walk it out from the sides but got stuck towards the end over a little hump. Not as bad as the previous time though. 

Went to eat at this guesthouse called the Green Climbers. Well this place was the weirdest place I’ve seen so far on my trip. A bunch of prententious hippies with climbing gear, surrounding the place. While I was eating, there were 2 people lying stomach down on top of each other who were soon joined by another guy. There was one guy who jumped a foot down from the eating area. There was one girl who jumped on the bamboo sticks lining the counter where the hostel manager stood and broke the connection with the other stick. There were a couple of guys who were roaming around in their climbing gear inside the restaurant as if to show off? There was a guy who was randomly flashing his dick walking around. Didn’t see it myself but my friend who I am riding with told me this. Then there was this other dude who asked my friend whether he had been climbing here. How the heck could my friend have been climbing here when we just came on the motorbikes 2 minutes ago? Moreover the guy asking the question had been at the place for a week! Weird!

So yeah, my friend and I left this awkward fake hippie place as soon as we could. 

Just when we left, my friend pointed out that my back tire was flat. Jeez this day! I got that fixed by a mechanic, which was luckily close by. 

The ride ahead was even more beautiful. Amazing curvy roads and beautiful sunset while riding in the mountains. 

Stopped 25 kms before where I was planning on stopping, since the sun was down. 

Went out for food and I was proud of myself of speaking some Lao to say that I don’t eat meat, don’t eat egg, don’t eat fish and eat vegetables. Got myself a nice noodle soup. 

Quite a day!

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